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Godolkin University offers a challenging and meaningful curriculum to help train the best and brightest heroes of tomorrow. From core coursework like Hero Ethics, to upper division classes like The History of Acting: Stanislavski to Bourke, you'll become the best crimefighter or performer you can be.

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Notable Alumni

Vought’s bravest lesbian found herself at God U. Her heroism in protecting us from a radicalized Soldier Boy, and award-winning performances in Dawn of the Seven and Her Majesty, will be studied by students for years to come.

Everything changed for A-Train when he went to God U. His life and career as a crimefighter accelerated faster than the blink of an eye under the tutelage of Professor Brink.

Deep was privileged and thankful to attend God U.

Sample Curriculum

When you sign up for Hero Ethics, you’ll receive guided lessons through these renowned textbooks from Professor Brink.

Textbook cover of Professor Brink's Aerodynamics of Human Flight

Aerodynamics of Human Flight

Professor Brink's seminal work. Learn the science behind how heroes like Homelander take heroics to new heights.

Textbook cover of Professor Brink's Villain or Hero? A Matter of Perspective

Villain or Hero? A Matter of Perspective

Brink shares his astonishing story, and reveals that most of us tap into only a small percentage of our capabilities.

Textbook cover of Professor Brink's The Hero Inside All Of Us

The Hero Inside All Of Us

Professor Brink's best-seller delves into the pyschology of being Super, helping heroes young and old embrace their powers as a culturally rich change agent.